Customer Support

Support for users of SAP ERP in the Czech Republic

The PREGIS company offers its customers SAP ERP user support.

Our support is used not only by the Czech companies but very often the Czech branches of foreign companies in situations where they need a consultation to set up processes specific for their production (differences from corporate settings), or due to long response to requests entered the headquarters abroad.

Thanks to the advanced technology of the SAP Solution Manager and the high qualifications of our employees, we offer to our customers a sophisticated solution for providing support at the application and infrastructure level. HelpDesk by PREGIS allows you to meet your requirements in real-time through our support center that works for you continuously, ie. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Using a solution "HelpDesk by PREGIS" you gain:

  • receiving and processing requests through a central HelpDesk
  • access to information about the status of requests
  • fixed uptime and response time to customer requests
  • reactive support in application and infrastructure areas - problem analysis, specification of further actions and solve the problem
  • proactive service - service plans, control parameters systems, preventive interventions necessary for the smooth running of systems
  • consulting services of application and infrastructural character
  • extend the functionality of the delivered solution, modifications by customer request, completion of development of new components
  • monthly reporting about drawing the support

Support and operation of information systems in foreign affiliates of Czech companies

The PREGIS company offers its customers SAP ERP user support in the Czech branches of foreign companies.

With this type of support, our company has long-term experience. In addition to the nearly two thousand users in the Czech Republic since 2000, we providing support for dozens of users and hundreds of pieces of equipment in more than ten countries on different continents and in different time zones. All through the HelpDesk system PREGIS with primary communication in Czech and English languages, we also provide consulting services in German. Customer requirements are accepted 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Comfort for monitoring the status and progress of solutions we provides to our customers through advanced technology SAP Solution Manager. Support parameters (range, response time, etc.) we will design tailored to your needs.

SAP customer support usually includes following:

  • Phone or e-mail user support and solving small-scale requests
  • Training of SAP ERP system users in the Czech Republic
  • Support in setting the system according to valid Czech legislation, the testing of system functionality and user training in accordance with the company processes of the customer
  • Support of productive operation and development of the system according to customer requirements

Before starting providing the support it is necessary to perform the initial analysis of the current SAP system settings, focusing on processes that are the subject of support. The analysis is carried out through consultations with key users of the system.

The result of analysis is:

  • Map of the ongoing processes in the individual SAP modules and links to other processes
  • Draft of training program "fitted" to improve the user experience in the system in order to efficiently utilize the functionality of SAP
  • The suggestion for more efficient use of the system under the current settings (recommendation to use other options as part of enlargement existing functionalities, recommendation to use other functionalities in existing processes)
  • The proposal to further expand of the use of the system (recommendation of new functionalities and solutions with the possible modification of the process leading to an optimal and efficient utilization of the SAP IS in selected processes)

During a developing the optimizing of the use of the IS SAP we draw on a years of implementation and operational experience from similar projects implemented for major Czech and foreign supranational companies.

SAP support services are provided on a separate support contract, or based on an order for the delivery of services.

For entry the requirements and get an overview of the progress of their solutions is possible to use a central contact point of HelpDesk PREGIS operating in mode 24/7.