Assets Inventory using a bar codes

Developing solution uses a technology of barcodes, which allows you to save time and refine the results of the inventory by eliminating the need of manual registration.

"Assets Inventory using a bar codes" is an aeffective tool for assets inventory management in accordance with current legislation, with possible of additions the solution to suit your own needs.

Using of the solution does not require to purchase an additional SAP licenses and is available in English, German and Russian language version.

Inventory process step by step

  1. Establishment of a regular or handover inventory in SAP
  2. Assets data export into a barcode reader
  3. A physical stoc taking by scanning a barcode
  4. Data export from the reader into a SAP
  5. Closure of inventory
  6. Creating and printing of inventory reports

A prerequisite for the implementation of the inventory using bar code is a necessity to label the property by self-adhesive labels. These labels contain basic information about the property, which are stored in the SAP ERP system: unique number of assets, word description and barcode.

Label printing is performed directly from the ERP SAP system. For properties with greater physical wear it is possible to use a resilient material, eg. Metal plates. For intangible assets and property, where is the use of label is inappropriate, are printed registration cards, on which you can place the appropriate label.

Barcode scanning is then realized by using a bar code reader with installed software.

Stock take can be accomplished in varying extents as due to needs of assets inventory management

Regular Inventory 

Inventory is established for the whole locality and assets are blocked for changes and accounting during the inventory run. Posting of asset under construction and acquisition of new assets is still possible.

Handover Inventory 

Handover inventory is used for routine review or for hand-over of assets between employees. Inventory can be created for both cost center or personal number. In this way no block of changes and accounting of assets in the SAP occurs.

Inventory Reports

  • Inventory report from the viewpoint of general ledger accounts, which serves as the source for accounting
  • Inventory report of physical inventory which serves as the source for updating the asset register
The result of the inventory are reports that contain a number of investment properties, marking of property and the results of the physical inventory (difference in a location in stock / room, confirmation of the correct location, loss, new assets - assets that arose during the inventory, was equipped by labels and scanned).

Value Added funkcionality

  • Automatic alignment of inventory differences - disposals of assets
  • Automatic alignment of inventory differences - cost center, premises


  • Effective inventory (saves time)
  • Verifiability inventory in accordance with applicable legislation
  • Refining of results from the inventory
  • Possibility of monitoring the inventory status in the process
  • Automatic creation of protocols of the physical inventory and accounting - documents for settlement of inventory differences
  • The possibility of extending solutions according to individual customer requirements
  • Solution does not interfere to a system that defines the functionality of the processes in each module

Technical facilities

To use this specialized solutions is required the existence of SAP ERP (property registration in AM module - Asset Management), installation of Windows Mobile Device Center and buying or renting a barcode reader and printer.

We provide you all purchases of tangible equipment or in case of your interest to lend on the basis of SLA (Service Level Agreement).