Operation and outsourcing

Entrust the operation of your enterprise information system and information technology into the hands of a quality partner and focus on, what you understand best, your business.

By contracting with us, you get a stable and high-quality information system with predictable costs, you get rid of dependence on a few key people and hidden IT costs and synergistically, you receive know-how shared by many customers. In our operational and outsourcing services, we are flexible and able to adapt to small as well as large companies, different strategies and different levels of customer´s existing IT.

We use several different models of supporting the information systems and technologies of our customers. On one hand, we provide full outsourcing, where PREGIS takes over all hardware, software and IT staff, providing those in the form of services. On the other hand, there is minor customer support for various problems in IT. Between those two sides of the spectrum, there are many different variants customized for a specific requirement, such as the operation of SAP systems on customer´s own hardware.

Our goal as well as commitment is our maximum responsibility for your systems and all of your data, which you need to trust one hundred percent, as those are the base for managing your business. Each service contract is made to be a win-win, so that the ultimate outcome is full customer trust and satisfaction.

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