Readiness check for SAP S/4HANA migration

Does your company run on SAP? Are you planning on growing your SAP further in the upcoming years?  Is SAP ERP one of the pillars of your business?
Do not procrastinate migrating SAP ERP. Eliminate the risks connected to unprofessional migration.

We offer the „Readiness check for SAP S/4HANA migration“, which enables you to convert your current ERP system safely, swiftly and while adhering to the optimal scenario.

Based on the data from your current ERP and by defining future needs of your company, we design the ideal variants of migration, we define all possible obstacles and risks, and we recommend ways of optimizing your customization, as well as imlementing new SAP functionalities.

Readiness check benefits

  • Optimal migration scenario
  • Estimate of time schedule of migration for easier planning of your capacities
  • Identifying Z-transactions replacable by new SAP functionalities
  • Recommendation of suitable infrastructure
  • Identifying obstacles
  • Elimination of risks connected to conversion
  • Estimate of necessary investments connected to migrating to SAP S/4HANA

Readiness check process

Readiness Check – process

To establish the methodology and steps of converting older SAP systems to S/4HANA, it is necessary to consider the current state and extent of utilization of your SAP solution. The method of conversion depends on the versions of individual systems and complementary add-ons, on the volume of master, transactional, operational and archive data, on the extent of the implemented and used functionality, the integration with other systems or the extent of customization.

The readiness check  starts with cooperative preparation of your systems, to enable collecting all relevant data for the readiness check itself. After automatically generating outcomes and processing those, we present an integrated overview of your readiness for migrating to S/4HANA, including recommendations for necessary preparations and measures, as well as the most suitable method of conversion.

Readiness check outcomes

The readiness check outcomes include assessment of compatibility of the current system with the functionality and data model of S/4HANA, recommended preparation steps for the migration itself, suggested new functionalities as well as a draft of the conversion process.

Check outcomes

Elements of readiness check outcomes

  • Overview of activated business functions in your system which are further compatible with S/4HANA
  • Overview of add-on extensions which are compatible and incompatible with S/4HANA
  • Overview of utilized BW extrators which are further supported within S/4HANA
  • Overview of custom development, its current use, overview of the effects of functionality changes of S/4HANA on custom development, suggestions for modifying the customization in use and for eliminating the unused
  • Detailed mapping of the structure and volume of your data, including a suggestion for archiving
  • Recommendation for implementing new SAP FIORI apps based on currently used transactions
  • Presumed HW sizing for S/4HANA based on current volume of data and system use
  • Recommendation for functionality simplifications by comparing new functions of S/4HANA and your transaction history
  • Overview of historically open and unprocessed transaction data (purchasing orders, production orders, …)
  • Recommendations for implementation of new functionalities with regard to your business
  • Recommendation for the method and steps of conversion
  • General time schedule of conversion
  • General overview of expected costs
Readiness Check

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