Customer Support

Support for users of SAP ERP in the Czech Republic

PREGIS offers our customers SAP ERP user support.

Our support is used not only by original Czech companies, but very often also by the Czech branches of foreign companies when they need to consult setting up processes specific to their production (different from corporate settings), or due to long response time for requests submitted to their headquarters abroad.

Thanks to the advanced technology of the SAP Solution Manager and the high qualifications of our specialists, we offer to our customers a sophisticated solution for providing support at the application and infrastructure level. HelpDesk by PREGIS allows you to meet your requirements in real-time through our support center working for you continuously, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

By using HelpDesk by PREGIS, you gain:

  • Central HelpDesk for receiving and processing requests
  • Access to information about the status of requests
  • Fixed uptime and response time to customer requests
  • Reactive support in the application and infrastructure areas – analysing the issue, specifying further actions and resolving the issue
  • Proactive service – service plan, system parameters check, preventive interventions necessary for smooth system run
  • Application and infrastructure consulting services
  • Extending the functionality of the implemented solution, modifications by customer request, development of new components
  • Monthly reporting on support use status

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