Quality Assurance

Do you implement a new information system? Are you not sure whether the project is heading right to the aim? Do you feel unsure if you are able to define all project risks based on actual knowledge of the information system? If this is the case, make use of Quality Assurance services.

The aim of Quality Assurance is to supervise and ensure that individual process components outputs will have adequate quality established at the beginning of the change. Formal monitoring of project progress, risks identification, qualified support and external examination on customer´s side – these are major added values of Quality Assurance role.

Examples of typical QA activities may include:

  • Review of project progress in line procedure methodology applied
  • Study, comments, and amendment suggestions to project documentation
  • Active participation in team key negotiations (implementation workshops, htp, etc.)
  • Participation in integration scenarios and tests drafting
  • Cooperation in evaluation of integration tests
  • Audit of operation deployment of new information system
  • Professional consultations with team members over functionality of the new information system implemented by suppliers
  • Recommending additional functionalities of the new information system suitable to meet customer´s requirements

Using the Quality Assurance services you will effectively eliminate implementation risks and generate higher added value of the new information system.

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