SAP and Autodesk Vault integration

For Preciosa Lighting, a manufacturer of design luminaires and lighting installations, we recently completed the integration between Autodesk Vault and SAP R/3. The aim of the implementation was not only to cover the needs of construction and provide them with relevant information from the field of purchasing, warehousing, and production but also to ensure communication and transmission of information and documents to subsequent departments of pre-production and production.

During the integration, it was necessary to take into account several different specifics of chandelier production, typically to distinguish between purchase, production, and cooperation, to distinguish between types of own production (glass parts, strainer parts, trimming systems, etc.). Together with another application for project management ProLight, a comprehensive Vault-SAP-ProLight platform for project processing was created.

Tento obrázek nemá vyplněný atribut alt; název souboru je DSC_8299-1631x1080.jpg.

And how does all integration work in practice? The designer works in the Autodesk Vault environment close to him, in which he processes change orders, creates documents in the CAD system, works with data imported from SAP, and at the same time fills in attributes. After completing the work on the CAD document, the relevant item together with the BOM is exported to the worklist in SAP for the department of technological preparation of production. At the same time, the document is converted to DWF or PDF. After processing in TPV, the item continues into production. If repair or modification is required, the item is returned to the structure. Processing states are automatically updated in ProLight, where there is a general overview of the project.

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