SAP SuccessFactors
Launch of a new tool for evaluating PRECIOSA Group employees

At the beginning of May, together with the implementation partner, we successfully launched SAP SuccessFactors, the Performance and Goals module, a system for evaluating employees in the companies of the PRECIOSA Group.

SuccessFactors system is a tool used for human resource management with a focus on the development, performance management, and talent of employees following the company’s strategy. It consists of several modules covering human resources processes, which can be operated independently but are fully integrated during the implementation.

SuccessFactors is a cloud-based software system – providing the benefits of fast, location-independent availability, reducing software and hardware maintenance costs, keeping them up to date, and offering the potential for further development. By deploying this system in the companies of the PRECIOSA Group, we have acquired a modern tool that will transport us from the not very friendly previous evaluation applications to a pleasant and simple web browser environment in an intuitive control style with a modern design.

Employee evaluation is a tool for increasing employee performance. It is closely related to employee retention, motivation for good work performance, and further professional development. We believe that the new SuccessFactors system will be a handy tool for users to provide support, simplification, and satisfaction.

Tuesday, 21. July 2020

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