Customer´s down payments

Troubles with customers not paying in time? Do you want to increase likelihood of payment of price for delivered goods or provided services? Really? We can help you with that.

PREGIS Company developed a solution for setting SAP IS in the area of customer down payments issue, including posting payments and deduction of down payments from invoices. Solution advantage is that it does not require the IS SAP changes, it represents separate program module.

Customer down payments are issued in the form of “Pro-forma Invoice” based on sales order, offer or delivery. Issued Pro-forma Invoice contains separate items including the required amount of the down payment and its reimbursement requests. If Treasury in the Business area is active, of Pro-forma invoice a down payment requirement will be posted at first printout in form of “Branded Items.” Creating “Branded items” can be enforced even without activating the Treasury using a parameter of application.

After down payment by your customer and crediting the amount on account, the received payment is searched based on assigned number of Pro-forma Invoice, which is mentioned as variable symbol and processed by specific transaction created for down payment processing. It is possible to determine whether the down payment relates to concrete business case or customer. In this way you can also process more down payments related to one Pro-forma Invoices.

Incoming down payment can also be register so that it can be automatically deducted from the invoice without issuing tax receipt to payer.

During the final invoicing down payments are deducted from the final amount and there is summary of down payments including the calculation of VAT on the final invoice.

Customer down payments solution is fully integrated between the FI, SD and Treasury modules and represents:

  • Creation of Pro-forma Invoice in SD module
  • Integration of Pro-forma Invoice into the SD into FI module in form of down payment requirement
  • Creation of a tax receipt for down payments
  • Integration of tax receipt into FI module in form of down payment (accounts receivable´s item)
  • Settlement transaction of customer down payment against final invoice in the SD module affecting the module FI, including VAT

In the Treasury module the down payment requirement, down payment, final invoice, and payments related to these documents are shown.

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