Data processing of Warehouse Management

PREGIS Company offers specialized solutions in SAP ERP to simplify the process of agenda management and inventory of warehouse management (WM – Warehouse Management) with using barcodes and their read by mobile terminals ZEBRA.

Developing solutions from PREGIS Company use in SAP ERP compared to standard solutions agenda of warehouse management a barcode technology, which significantly save time and refine the process and the results of routine activities in service of warehouse management by eliminating manual data entry. 

Supplied solution is an effective tool for traffic management of WM using mobile terminals and barcode, optional with solution to suit your own needs.

Our specialized solution uses:

  • WiFi infrastructure
  • Barcore Readers
  • Printers of labels with barcodes

We will provide you all purchases of tangible equipment or in the case of your interest we are able to lend you that based on the SLA (Service Level Agreement).

The standard actions carried out in this agenda by reading barcodes through mobile terminals include:

  • Check the content and quantitative completeness of goods supply before to their entry into the warehouse management
  • Stocking goods to warehouse management according to documents – storage commands generated by the WM system
  • Stocking goods to warehouse management discretion of the operator about the stocking in warehouse management and subsequent generate documents – storage commands
  • Stock transfer of goods within the warehouse management
  • Removal of the goods from the warehouse management according arising needs (especially in manufacturing orders, shipping documents, supply or internal stock transfer)
  • Check the content and completeness quantity of loading after his removal from the warehouse management before the exit of firm
  • Implementation of the inventory in the warehouse management using data collection by mobile terminal and automatic transfer data of inventory to the SAP ERP


  • Effective implementation of standard activities of warehouse management, warehouse throughput increase
  • Increase storage capacity utilization, the retrospective ratings
  • Refine results and image of warehouse management information system
  • The solution does not interfere with system settings which defines the functionality of the processes in each module
  • Application to the terminal means for users expansion, more effective and more enjoyable working in SAP ERP
  • Automatic creation of reports about physical and accounting inventory – materials for alignment of inventory differences
  • Possibility of monitoring the inventory status during the process
  • The possibility of extending standardized SAP solutions according to individual customer requirements, resulting from its field of specialization and size

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