Development and modification of printouts in SAP

We are comming with a range of services related to the creating and adaptation of printouts according to individual customer needs, including their referral to follow-up e-mail correspondence, eg. In the case of electronic invoicing.

Possibilities of the solution

  • Modification of existing forms – SmartForms technology, SAPscript
  • Transfer of forms across a technologies, eg. Substitution of SAPscipt transfer to the respective SmartForms
  • Development of forms according to individual customer requirements

Areas of application

We have experience with the creation and modification of forms in all parts of the routine work of the main processes of sales, production and purchasing, but also in areas of supporting processes such as financial accounting, assets, quality control, human resources and payroll.

Value added functionality

  • Possibility of implementing a separate solution to simplify the translation of forms in all languages and character sets
  • Dynamic integration of external images outside the SAP print (eg. Logo)
  • Printing of drawings and records of consistent prints, print management of confidential and secret documents and shredding, eg. Drawings in the STISK by PREGIS

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