Employee card application

Managing your HR agenda is one of the employer’s legal obligations. Personnel and payroll data are maintained by responsible personnel and payroll departments. With the Employee card, which is connected to personnel and payroll records, you get a comprehensive overview of current information about all employees and their subordinates.

User roles and information protection:

The employee card application offers two display levels. Every user with a common-use application permission has the opportunity to view basic staffing data for each employee, such as organizational classification, contact information, superordinate, and employee photo views.

Managers with extended authority to all their subordinates, as well as personnel managers and specialists with full personnel or selected cost centers, and all users in their own personal card can open detailed views. Users with such permissions can view more personal and payroll information relevant to control or management and decision making.

Employee search and navigation in the hierarchy:

There are several ways to search data in the employee card application. The most common way to find a specific person is to search by name or personal number.

After searching for and displaying a particular employee, we can display a list of his or her subordinates or simply go to a superior employee card. In addition to name and personal searches, apps can also be searched by cost center or location.

Benefits of application:

  • Current information about employees
  • Accessibility and coherence of information
  • Online data transfer with current validity
  • Multi-stage permission to prevent unauthorized person from viewing personal data
  • Clear view of subordinates who are connected with a specific employee
  • Information about employees by selected location or cost center

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