Protective equipment in SAP Information system

Do you need to ensure correct allocation of protective equipment in the SAP IS environment while reducing costs? Our unique Protective equipment solution will enable you to do so.

Our solution “Protective aids in SAP IS” enables accurate registration and allocation of protective equipment to specific employees, thus reducing the costs of these resources. At the same time, the solution provides control over compliance with corporate risk guidelines.

The system allows you to track:

  • Employee claims
  • Assigned Protective Equipment
  • Continuous consumption of individual items
  • Current stock in warehouse

Solution Benefits and Features:

This solution will ensure order and clarity in the records of Protective Equipment. The product sets the demands of workers on protective equipment and makes it possible to provide them. Storage of protective equipment and dispensing to employees are realized in standard SAP modules, to which the product provides the means for clear selection and display of claims and their simple handling. In addition to information about needs, the application allows the assessment of the use of protective equipment by employees as well as future planning of their needs.

The solution allows to determine the need for protective equipment according to individual centers, professions or workers. Employee entitlement is any combination of these needs. It is possible to keep own records of workplaces and professions or to draw these data from the HR module.

The product includes a user interface that significantly speeds up the process of locating and dispensing protective equipment. You can also prevent objectionable wasting by instantly reviewing the status, movement and consumption of protective equipment.


  • Displaying the current needs of protective equipment for employees
  • A full view of the needs of the protective equipment according to the professions and centers and their stock
  • Consumption by employees, professions and centers
  • Management of protective equipment, functions and centers with the possibility to connect to the HR module
  • Print reports – overviews of protective equipment needs and consumption
  • Adding a record of a picture of specific protective equipment (connection with DMS SAP)
  • Extra dispensation of protection equipment (in case of damage) and its registration
  • Pre-dispensing (to allow clothes to be washed)
  • Avoiding double dispensing when moving between workplaces

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