Recording of IT Assets SHS in SAP

Solutions for IT SHS asset records in SAP is an effective tool for achieving a savings and increasing an efficiency in IT management. This information we have verified on the basis of experience with the implementation of tools for thousands of devices.

The proposed solution for centralizing information in SAP is based on the fact that it is possible to integrate other information from the records of hardware, software and the business processes such as accounting, asset management, materials management, human resources, and more. Everything is available within the SAP and no need to keep the source data in external systems. The preferred configuration options are wide solutions, intelligent design and high modularity of the system with additional programming required functionalities. The system is ready to handle large amounts of data linked with managing of thousands end-user devices.

Standard functionality

The proposed solution is based on the fact that the SAP system integrates business processes such as accounting, assets management, materials management, human resources, etc. In terms of the ITIL CMDB (configuration database) it draws information from objects of these processes and is closely linked with them. In the HW and SW evidence there is information from the CMDB relating to these processes available directly in the SAP and it is not necessary to keep them in any external systems. Objects used for HW recording allow for adding custom fields using so called classification, for monitoring warranties, monitoring of changes performed, etc. Over these structures there is add-on solution created in he form of additional reports, forms, programs allowing performing batch changes, etc.

HW Records

Hardware is recorded at components, or, as the case may be, component assemblies level. Component assemblies mean set of components composing logical unit, for example an assembly. Each component has its own unique identification included on the registration card. Components are classified by types. Except of general common data they contain also specific classification data. Records are linked to the assets records and users records. It also allows for the use of code for so called partners location and connection – typical IT user, IT administrator, etc.

List of object types in standard functionality

Standard functionality includes about 20 types of typical objects (component types) such as PCs, laptops, monitors, printers, networking equipment, etc.

We expect that these will be PCs, laptops, monitors, printers, UPSs, servers, networking equipment, etc. – this will be specified in more details in functional and technical specifications. Thanks to the system possibilities customer becomes administrator of application included in the delivery after appropriate training. He/She will also have the option to add new object types and new attributes independently.

Additional functionalities of HW solutions records

Reporting – reports for component selection. Thanks to the link to other SAP modules (AM, HR) it is possible to generate reports not only based on fundamental and classification data, but also based on those modules. Therefore it is e.g. possible to create questions linked to the user´s cost center.

HW repairs records – allows you to keep track of HW repairs, monitor them, and search them.

Passport PC – allows for a print of HW handed over to user. IT manager submits this protocol to user for signature upon the delivery of technology for use. Protocol contains list of components and optional text, such as extract from “IS user guidelines and obligations ” directive.

Electro-installation reviews – it is additional tool for execution and recording of reviews according to CSN 33 1610. The tool allows to record all values read during device revision by the reviewing technician, as required by the standard, and subsequent print of report. It includes a report necessary for creation of list of devices requiring review in the respective time period.

SW Register – applications register

This tool enhances HW records to the SW and SW audit area. Basic construction block is the application list of data. Data usually registered into the numbered list include: SW name, Manufacturer, Supplier, Version, SW Category, Application administrator, Installation package location, Location of the original installation source (DSL). After installing the software into the PC IT administrator assigns SW from the list of data to the SW installed on the PC.


Fast continuous recording of SW installed on PCs in the company, option to generate reports on installed software, overviews of numbers of installed software, overview of SW installed on PCs, etc. Option to print the report of installed software and connection with PC Passport – pressure on users to use legal software and avoid interfering with the hardware configuration. Savings while making SW audit – complete SW audit using established SWA tools including detailed scans evaluation can be carried in longer time intervals.

Functions list of the Register of Applications:

  • SW list of data
  • Application installations, including bulk ones
  • Reports
  • Passport of SW installed on the PC

Training of application administrator

Part of the standard functionality package is also administrator training , namely through the cooperation during the implementation and follow-up supplementary training.

Option of features enhancement

General links between configuration items – Standard functionality does not contain generally solved links like “parent-child”, “connected to”, and “depends on” required by CMDB specification based on the ITIL, but only simple “parent-child” link, e.g. between configuration, components, and subcomponents. Functionality can be further enhanced, but due to the complex solution, recording options, links types, status review, browsing methods trough the tree structure, etc., detailed workshop and basic analysis are necessary for drafting more detailed offer.

The configuration interface – other option of functionality enhancement is creation of connectors to external applications, as e.g. link with SW audit tools, ITSM tools, etc. The project implementation assumes that customer has already implemented business processes in the IT sphere and that list of data of HW location was included into the SAP.

Solution advantage is, in particular, the centralization of information in the SAP and ability to connect information from HW, SW records as well as from business processes, such as accounting, assets management, materials management, human resources, etc. It means these data are available in one place in the central SAP ERP system without need for integration with other external systems. We believe that our proposed solution contributes to improvement of quality and effectiveness of existing activities in the IT area.

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