Visualization of Organizational Structure

Do you keep complex employee hierarchies in your company? Do you need to have clear information about vacant and occupied positions? Take advantage of the PREGIS solution -Visualization of Organizational Structure.

Organizational structure visualization is an application that displays the current organizational structure of the planned positions and their staffing. Personnel data is maintained by responsible employees of the company either in SAP HR (data is transferred to the application automatically once a day, at night) or as a created list in MS SharePoint (data is transmitted manually at the moment of updating the list).

Technical specification of the solution

Organizational structure visualization is developed and run in Microsoft SharePoint. All IS users of the company with a valid license have access to the application. Individual data is inserted as SQL DB and then transferred as a list to MS SharePoint.

Visualization view

When you run the application, the organizational structure appears on the first two levels.

More display options

In case the employee does not give permission to publish his / her photo, the image is replaced by the universal Avatar to preserve the structure.

Organizational Structure Visualization also includes unfilled scheduled positions. This type of position will then appear in the visualization as a stand-alone workplace with no photo and employee data.

Search, print and store data

It is very easy to search in Organizational Structure Visualization. Just enter the desired information in the search box and start the search. You can search by name, organizational unit, or planned position. For example, if I enter the password “Master”, a complete list of masters in the company is displayed. The application then displays the selected person with the first level of subordinates. The organizational structure or its parts can be easily exported to PDF and PNG. A print format option is also available for printing.

Organizational Structure Visualization and Employee Card

Organizational structure visualization allows you to link to other content as you like with URLs. A useful interconnection thus becomes the connection of the organizational structure to, for example, the PREGIS solution – Employee Card.

As a result, the visitor immediately gets more information, including a telephone and e-mail connection to the searched employee.

This view significantly streamlines and facilitates the activities of HR managers and executives.

In addition, users with higher authority can also view the detail of the employee, where more detailed information about the employee is recorded.

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