SAP Training – ABAP Programming

Training of ABAP programming language is divided into 10 thematic units. Each block contains a general introduction of the topic, followed by a detailed presentation of the activities associated with a particular circuit. Depending on the selected topics the graduate has the knowledge of object programming, data export from SAP to the MS Excel or customer optimization functionalities. Alternatively you can arrange a training sessions as a teleconference.


  • SAP Development Enviroment
  • Data dictionary
  • Editor ABAP
  • Function builder
  • Screen Painter
  • Menu Painter
  • Transactions
  • Basic syntax ABAP
  • Basic reporting
  • Debugging

Object programming

  • Functional and object-oriented programming
  • Classes
  • Constructor
  • Creating an object (class instance)
  • Garbage collection
  • Methods
  • Interface
  • Inheritance
  • Events
  • Class Builder


  • Data output using a non-object ALV – variants, field catalog, events, layout, grading

Object ALV

  • Data output using an object ALV – variants, field catalog, events, layout, sorting

Data export from SAP to MS Excel

  • Tools for export and graphical presentation of data in * .XLSX files

Extending of SAP Standards

  • Reparation
  • Transaction with variant
  • GuiXT
  • Extending DDIC objects – Append structure
  • Extending DDIC objects – Customer includes
  • Field exit, Customer exit
  • BAdI – Business Add-In
  • Enhancement spot
  • Implicit, Explicit – new BAdI


  • Summary of tools for performance monitoring and optimization of customer-developed functionalities


  • Dialog programming – Structure
  • Screen painter
  • Menu painter
  • Logic flow editor
  • Interaction with user


  • Introduction
  • Calling Program
  • Styles
  • Text modules
  • Forms – Global settings
  • Forms – Form elements

XSLT Transformation in SAP

  • XSLT – processor, syntax, call, creating in the SAP Enviroment
  • Simple transformation – The syntaxe and usage

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