SAP Training – Quality Control, Production, Project Management

The training is thematically divided into three optional blocks – Quality Control, Production and Project Management. The participant gains knowledge in the field of quality control, management of control batches, or dealing with irregularities and complaints. Graduates of PS module are familiarized with the complete agenda of management and maintenance of projects. The production block is mainly focused on the complete agenda of master data, operational planning, production management in terms of process, discrete and serial production. Of course, continuous reporting and evaluation of planning are included.

QM Quality Management 

Basic data

  • Master records settings
  • Attributes
  • Procedures
  • Suppliers evaluation

Control batches

  • Input and output quality control
  • Intra-opernational review
  • Establishment
  • Results acquisition
  • Decision of use
  • Information system

Quality reporting

  • Complaints to suppliers solution
  • Customer´s complaints
  • Solution of subsequent activities after discrepancy establishment in control batch

Information system

Quality reporting: HELPDESK solution use

PS Project Steering

  • Project maintenance
  • External cooperation
  • Project orders procurement
  • Documents assignment
  • Information system
  • Planning of costs, revenues, capacities, human resources

PP Production

Master Data I.

  • KZM
  • Bill of Materials (BOMs)
  • Workplace
  • Procedures
  • Production versions

MRP Planning

  • MRP
  • Layout list evaluation
  • Capacity load overview
  • Components overview

Master Data II.

  • The influence of master data on production layout
  • KZM – layout screens
  • BOMs – the distribution of amount
  • Workflow – distribution, overlap
  • MRP

Master Data III.

  • Configurable materials
  • Attributes and classes
  • Session
  • Configuration profile
  • Tools (function, table, decision table), deriving a finished product from a configurable material

Production Management (Discrete production)

  • Layout list evaluation
  • Production order
  • Availability check of components
  • Extra material for offtake
  • Availability check of capacity
  • Capacity planning – graphical planning board, Confirmation – payroll card, time event
  • Manufacturing Information System

Production Management (Process Manufacturing)

  • Layout list evaluation
  • Process order
  • Availability check of components
  • Extra material for offtake
  • Availability check of capacity
  • Balancing the capacity – graphical planning board, Confirmation of production – payroll card
  • Time event
  • Manufacturing Information System

Production Management (Serial Production)

  • Layout list evaluation
  • Product Cost Collector
  • Availability check of components
  • Planning board of serial production
  • Extra material
  • Confirmation of serial production

Long-term Planning

  • Rough planning (product group,  rought plan creating, desegregation plan)
  • Planned primary need – determination / rough planning takeover
  • Scenario planning
  • Planning run
  • Planning evaluation

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