SPD 2.0 – The Traffic Data Collection

The Traffic Data Collection (SPD) application supports operational production management by providing traffic data collection to individual workplaces. The system is used for mass acquisition of operational data from SPD terminals without direct access to the SAP system.

The modular structure allows data collection for PP, PS, or PM modules and this structure can be extended by other activities. The terminals communicate online with the SAP system via a server gateway and all checks take place on the SAP side.

The terminal allows to operate all functionalities via a barcode scanner, the application is optimized for the use of touch monitors. In case of unavailability, the SAP system can work in off-line mode with additional automatic data transfer to SAP. The terminal application allows you to obtain simple reports on the received feedback from SAP. In addition to customization transactions, the SAP SPD add-on also contains several overview tools.

Overview of SPD activities

Module Transaction Description
PP CO19 Acquisition of feedback in the form of time events
PP CO11 Acquisition of feedback in the form of a payroll
PS CN25 Acquisition of project feedback
PM IW41 Maintenance order feedback

Benefits of the application

  • Reduction of feedback costs (now directly in production)
  • Timely withdrawal of services from production
  • Timely derecognition of used production components
  • Real-time overview of production status
  • Provides data for refining performance standards
  • Preservation and use of all controls directly in SAP
  • It is not necessary to purchase demanding HW, existing networks can be used
  • Simple touch control without the need for a keyboard (can also be controlled using barcode readers)
  • Low acquisition and operating costs

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