STISK – Technical Documentation Print Manager

Many companies are looking for a way to ensure a targeted and quick access to technical documentation on paper form so that were either minimize the cost of its acquisition, storage and physical management, and also to achieve sufficient protection to prevent unwanted release of information by passing through the production.

Standard storage in archives / cupboards etc., And the related physical management, including manual operations of records, copying, stamping and others, are very laborious and time-consuming processes.

STISK solution developed by PREGIS, Inc. brings to this area a rules which allows the control increased over the operations (print operations and operations while shredding after the passage of technical documentation of production), because printing is started on the basis of need directly from the SAP environment and is also logged.

The solution also contains the following additional functionality

  • Reporting Tools
  • Tools for creating batch files to DWF (Design Web Format)
  • Tool for batch import into SAP DMS
  • Ability to view more workplaces

The main benefits of the solution includes

  • Automatic printing with a production order
  • Issues Records
  • Cutting the cost of removing unnecessary prints
  • Reducing the risk of information leakage – controlled movement of paper documents

Equally important functionality is that the issue serves as a carrier of information about the responsibility for the documentation, by supplementing of the print stamps with a 2D code (similar to a barcode) directly into a drawing during a print job and filling a date / time printing, the name of the person who printed document, and print records in the log of STISK.

In the 2D code is written unambiguous identification of the job, which substantially facilitates shredding documents after the passage of production, while the worker of shreedding reads the sensor (reader) of 2D code and do not need to fill in the identification shredding data in a dialogue on the keyboard.

Architecture of solution

Production orders document printing throught the STISK application starts at the time of formation of the production order. All material must have a valid document, if not, the drawing can not be printed.

It it standard that in the production is moving a larger amounts of printed drawings, however, because the prints are recorded in the STISK log, it is possible during a conclusion of production order to manually check against the log if all the drawings  were shredded.

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