The Tool Manager

Do you need to quickly borrow, receive, give off tools, protective equipment and materials in the SAP?

Our specialized solution “The Tool Manager in SAP” will helps you.

“The Tool Manager” serves to quickly perform unplanned expenditure and income re-stored material in the SAP.

Allows you to track:

  • State
  • Movement (borrowing, restoration, relocation)
  • Continuous consumption of individual registered items

The application is not fixed to a specific type of organization. So it can be tailored to your specific requirements. Application was formed on demand for workers of dispensaries tools. Potential for its use also covers the operation of other non-financial borrowings within the company, such as the Library.

The solution can be extended by a financial borrowings, for example picking and putting away a CD / DVD / VHS, corporate catering, rentals cars, machinery, etc.

Individual types of material can be included in the classification classes and supplemented by attributes, according to which it can be very efficiently searched. You can attach images from the SAP DMS. Standard functionality which is offered are foreign language mutations.

Functionality and benefits of the solution

This solution will ensure an order and clarity in the records of stored items. With this solution you  streamline the process of dispensing and records of tools and speed up common operations. With instant visibility about the movement and continuous consumption of resources can prevent their accidental wastage.

With our solution you also get a tool that will allow in case of damaged or lost items from negligence to demand compensation from the responsible officers / persons.


  • Current overview of tools inventory status in issuing office
  • Reports on borrowed tools, materials in stock, borrowing history
  • Long-term borrowings, short-term borrowing (with a deadline for return)
  • Workers cards with borrowings and their status overview
  • Retirement records (scrapping) for material at the moment of return to the issuing office
  • Sending tools for repair (modul QM)
  • Issue material for consumption into the cost center or into the order (CO or PP) including accounting documents
  • Staff management for take-over from issuing office
  • Printouts: inventory levels, borrowings overview, worker´s card (reports can be amended by users)
  • Adding tool picture into the record (connection with DMS SAP)

For even more variable use of our solutions, we also offer the possibility of extending the application of the barcode reader, allowing you a needed mobility throughout the storage area. It is valuable especially in times of need the physical presence of a qualified person within the warehouse.

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