VAT number control for the VIES system

Use the pan-European online VAT Information Exchange System (VIES) to check if a company is registered for cross-border trade within the European Union. The company PREGIS, a.s. comes with an automated solution in SAP ERP to simplify the inspection and reporting process.

The functionality of the solution

It is an application that is connected to the official website of the European Commission and serves for automatic control of the VAT number of suppliers and customers on the central European VIES system. This system verifies the validity of the tax identification numbers of entities registered in the European Union and Northern Ireland.

The inspection can be performed preventively (special transactions for mass inspection of suppliers, customers, and their documents) or directly during the generation of the EU Summary Report when the final inspection takes place before sending it to the Tax Office.

YFVIES transaction

This transaction allows bulk control of data:

  • Master data of customers and suppliers
  • Documents of customers and suppliers
  • Verification of a specific VAT number

After entering the input parameters and defining the time period, the verification is performed by the VIES system and the ALV output with the required data of customers and suppliers in the EU is displayed. The column labeled Status VIES simply identifies the validity of the VAT number.

RFEULIST transaction

RFEULIST is a standard SAP transaction for EU Summary Reporting. This is a mandatory report of all sales of goods and services to registered VAT payers in the EU. This transaction is newly extended by the automatic control of the VAT number on the VIES system. The result is clearly displayed directly in the report in the form of a traffic light.

Benefits of the application

  • The standard solution in SAP also prepared for the S/4HANA system
  • Prevention of complex corrections following the submission of the EU Summary Report with incorrect data
  • Simplicity, user-friendliness
  • In Czech and English

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