We take care of IT in GIGA

In November 2020, we took over the management of IS / ICT in the company GIGA spol. s r.o. Příšovice. GIGA is a leading manufacturer of bridge cranes and hoists. With the increasing interest in its products, the requirements for the stability and reliability of the company’s IT environment are also growing.

At the beginning of the cooperation, an analysis of the current state of IS / ICT from the point of view of networks, servers, terminal devices, and applications was performed. Part of the analysis was the definition of risks and the proposal of changes needed to eliminate them about the optimization of operations and its further development. At the same time, a schedule for the implementation of the proposed measures according to the priorities of the solution (critical, high, lower) was prepared.

We appreciate that GIGA has chosen us as its strategic partner, and we believe that the services provided by our team of IT experts will contribute to its further growth.

Wednesday, 6. January 2021

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