SAP Training – Finance, Assets

The training in Finance and Assets is divided into six optional blocks. The participant obtains broad knowledge on – Financial Accounting, Controlling, Asset Management, Cash Management and Investment Management. If you are using our solution “Barcode Asset Inventory”, we offer a special training for this area. Graduates are able to work independently in the user interface, execute periodic as well as intermittent activities, reports and the complete agenda of the area.

FI Financial Accounting

  • Master data of Financial Accounting (accounts, suppliers, customers)
  • General ledger accounting, suppliers and customers
  • VAT – Principles of work with VAT, inspection reports, summary reports and VAT returns
  • Cashbook
  • Processing of payment orders and bank statements, electronic communication with the bank
  • SAP-FI standard reporting
  • Financial statements

AM Assets Management


  • Life cycle (process) of assets in SAP
  • Processes of assets from the perspective of integration of modules AM, FI, CO, MM

Property card (master data)

  • Categories of assets (asset class)
  • Differences on cards by category of assets

Acquisition of investments

  • Own actions
  • From an external supplier

Assets Accounting

  • Activation of investments to property
  • Acquisition by finding (subsequent activation)
  • Property transfers
  • Disposals of assets

Periodic work

  • Monthly and annual statements


  • State of asset
  • Asset depreciation
  • Movements of assets

IM Investment Management


  • Life cycle (process) of assets in SAP
  • Processes of assets from the perspective of integration of modules IM, AM, CO (PS), MM, FI

Investment program

  • Master data
  • Drafting a plan and budget

Investment measures requirements (PIO)

  • Master data
  • Approval process
  • Investment orders (SPP elements)

Periodic work

  • Annual statements
  • Reporting
  • General list (Plan / Commitment / Actual)
  • Master data (PIO, orders, SPP elements)

CO Controlling

  • Overview of controlling, links to other parts of the SAP, processes in CO, master data
  • Planning of cost centers, internal orders and other cost objects
  • Actual billing, cost allocation to cost objects, Financial Statements
  • Individual and collective costing of the product, model and simulation calculations
  • Reporting in the Controlling

Inventory using a barcode

Note: This training is connected to: Asset Inventory using a barcode


  • Asset inventory process from the perspective of this solution

Activities on the part of SAP (master data)

  • Establishment of inventory
  • Monitoring during the inventory in SAP
  • Closing inventory
  • Create inventory reports
  • Settlement of inventory differences (manual processing, automated processing)
  • Barcode Label Printing

Activities on the part of mobile terminals

  • Upload of inventory to a barcode reader
  • Barcode scanning
  • Monitoring (reporting) during the inventory in barcode reader
  • Inventory data backup to the memory of barcode reader
  • Restore data from the memory of barcode reader
  • Export of inventory data into SAP

TR-CM Cash Management

  • Monitoring of own funds, financial state reports, liquidity analyzes
  • Daily financial status – current status and short-term prognosis of cash on bank accounts
  • Funds liquidity forecast – long-term prognosis linked to claims and liabilities

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