SAP Training - Finance, Assets

FI Financial Accounting

  • master data of Financial Accounting (accounts, suppliers, customers)
  • general ledger accounting, suppliers and customers
  • VAT - Principles of work with VAT, inspection reports, summary reports and VAT returns
  • cashbook
  • processing of payment orders and bank statements, electronic communication with the bank
  • SAP-FI standard reporting
  • financial statements

CO Controlling

  • overview of controlling, links to other parts of the SAP, processes in CO, master data
  • planning of cost centers, internal orders and other cost objects
  • actual billing, cost allocation to cost objects, Financial Statements
  • individual and collective costing of the product, model and simulation calculations
  • reporting in the Controlling

AM Assets Management

- Introduction

  • life cycle (process) of assets in SAP
  • processes of assets from the perspective of integration of modules AM, FI, CO, MM

Property card  (master data):

  • categories of assets (asset class)
  • differences on cards by category of assets

- Acquisition of investments:

  • own actions
  • from an external supplier

- Assets Accounting:

  • activation of investments to property
  • acquisition by finding (subsequent activation)
  • property transfers
  • disposals of assets

- Periodic work:

  • monthly and annual statements

- Reporting:

  • state of asset
  • asset depreciation
  • movements of assets

IM Investment Management

- Introduction:

  • life cycle (process) of assets in SAP
  • processes of assets from the perspective of integration of modules IM, AM, CO (PS), MM, FI

- Investment program:

  • master data
  • drafting a plan and budget

- Investment measures requirements  (PIO):

  • master data
  • approval process
  • investment orders (SPP elements)

- Periodic work:

  • annual statements
  • reporting
  • general list (Plan / Commitment / Actual)
  • master data (PIO, orders, SPP elements)

TR-CM Cash Management

  • monitoring of own funds, financial state reports, liquidity analyzes
  • daily financial status - current status and short-term prognosis of cash on bank accounts
  • funds liquidity forecast - long-term prognosis linked to claims and liabilities